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Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes e Salgadas 


The analysis corresponds to the first phase of Rés do Chão’s methodology and is paramount to build up the working strategies that follow.
The analysis that took place in  Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes and Salgadas neighbourhoods focused on 4 strategic points: social and demographic context, understanding of local agents network, survey of non-residential ground floor spaces and public spaces characterization.
This research was done through various forms: bibliographical analysis, statistical data analysis, more than 120 questionnaires, interviews, survey of ground floors (occupied and vacant), direct observation and analysis of behaviour in public spaces, mapping of amenities and characterization of public spaces.
Besides the questionnaires, more creative forms of enquiry where produced, looking at the aspirations of the local community regarding the occupation of vacant non-residential ground floors and public spaces. Amidst activities happening in public spaces, that mobilized various community inhabitants, those aspirations where gathered, preserving anonymity. They were then illustrated by Portuguese artist Sara Malta in 2 distinct panels that resume the neighbourhood's aspirations.
At the same time that the analysis of these neighbourhood's was being developed, Rés do Cháostarted working on building relationships and being part of the agents network on these areas. We did this by participating in different groups – community group, community assembly and work groups.
This phase was essential to ensure the assertiveness, impact and success of the following interventions in the same contexts.
The result of the analysis was presented in the community group meetings, shared with many of the entities on the ground and everyone that took an interest on the process.


Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes e Salgadas neighborhoods, Marvila Civil Parish, Lisbon 


2017 / 2018





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