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O Nosso Chão 4 Crescente


The analysis of Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes and Salgadas neighbourhoods allowed the identification of inappropriate uses of public spaces that contributed to the decaying of these shared urban spaces. 
Using this knowledge, efforts were made towards the development of a tool that raised awareness to the importance of taking care of public spaces and nurtured the appropriation of these spaces by residents. As a strategy, and in partnership with SpotGames, a line of games was developed – o nosso chão (our ground) –, directed at children and young people, to promote citizenship participation using examples of good practices in public spaces. 
The goals for users of o nosso chão are: to develop a significantly stronger and more positive link to the community, acquire skills and knowledge about the public spaces they inhabit in their daily lives, put in action concrete actions about the improvement of public spaces and to positively influence their family networks in these parameters. 
In 2018, a pilot project was developed, in partnership with Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa and Marvila’s Library, who provided the location for a test where the game’s methodology and mechanics were assessed.


Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes and Salgadas, Marvila Civil Parish, Lisbon





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