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Parklet Poço dos Negros

Rehabilitation and Activation 

Parklet is a strategy that extends the public sidewalks in urban areas that lack qualified public spaces. It usually creates a platform in a space that was previously used as a car parking spot. 
Rua Poço dos Negros, as many of the arteries of a city consolidated before auto-mobiles , presents itself as too narrow to allow the co-existence of a driveway, parking spots and a comfortable sidewalk. 
After the results of a pilot test, lasting 2 weeks in 2015 and using recycled materials, in 2016 the parklet and respective urban furnitures were fully designed, proposing an extension ofa portion of the sidewalk at Rua Poço dos Negros. 
Using the previous year learning experience as a starting point, parklet Poço dos Negros was projected with resistant and lasting materials – deactivated concrete ground (as used in many of the public sidewalks across the city), concrete flower boxes and wooden benches, stating in an obvious manner the public uses for this space. The location of the parklet was adjacent to a zebra crossing, increasing the visibility for pedestrians and, their safety when crossing. 
For a number of reasons the project was not implemented.


Rua do Poço dos Negros




Rehabilitation and Activation 


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