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Rehabilitation and activation Rés do Chão 52, 54, 58

Rehabilitation and Activation 

Looking at the high rate of vacant commercial ground floors in an area of Misericórdia Civil Parish, a set of actions was delineated since 2014 to promote the occupation of ground floor spaces. In 2016, Rua Poiais de São Bento still presented this high rate of vacant spaces.
To mitigate this problem,and replicating the experience that was previously developed at Rua Poço dos Negros 119, Rua Poiais de São Bento no 52, 54 and 58 were rehabilitated by Rés do Chão. These 3 independent spaces, connected by a common area, were then tenanted by artists, craftsmen and young creators, using a model of shared and/or temporary occupancy.


Rua Poiais de São Bento nº 52, 54, 58, Misericórdia Civil Parish, Lisbon 


Rehabilitation 2016 Management 2016


Rehabilitation and Activation 

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