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Rehabilitation and activation ground floor 119

Rehabilitation and Activation 

In 2014, the area delimited by the streets Poço dos Negros, Poiais de São Bento, São Bento da Silva, Pescadores, Mastros, and Gaivotas showed a high number of vacant ground floors, in some of those streets,a rate near 50%. 
As a manifest and a concept proof for alternative occupation models, the ground floor space no 119 of Poço dos Negros Street was rented, rehabilitated and managed by Rés do Chão. This space was chosen as a strategic piece, because it was an emblematic example of the problem (it was vacant for 10 years), for its size, state of conservation and special characteristics. After being rented, Rés do Chão designed and implemented a low cost rehabilitation, preserving the main features of the previous layers of occupation and the memory of its previous use as a neighbourhood grocery store. This pilot space was occupied using alternative renting models, as a shared shop / co-work space. Occupied by artists and craftsman, this workshop – store allowed the production and commercialization of goods made in the shop by the various residents, who benefited of a direct relationship with the public and the community. 


Rua do Poço dos Negros 119, Misericórdia Civil Parish, Lisbon  


Rehabilitation 2014 Management 2014-2017 


Rehabilitation and Activation 

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